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Lifetime Tune-Up Plan 

Purchase our $100 Lifetime Tune-Up Plan with your new bike, get a bonus 10% discount on accessories for a year.

Cycle Center customers have come to expect GREAT mechanical and repair services from us based on their own previous experience and the extensive experience of our mechanics. Cycle Center mechanics have over 100 years of combined repair experience and training. All cycling enthusiasts will agree that the repair shop at a bike store is the most important aspect of the success of that business.

While it is very important to take care of our/your new bikes that will have "initial break-in" tune-up needs. We will tune your bike (as a matter of safety and break-in performance) without charge for the first 12 months.

All new bike customers of Cycle Center will be presented with 2 choices for the "Lifetime Tune-Up Plan"  

First-Best choice: Enroll in the plan for $100 at the point of initial ownership. Now you are enrolled in a bonus buying club with a 10% discount on any accessory purchase for the next 12 months. Usually, nearly everyone finds additional needs for cycling after they get a new bike. Spend $100 get $10 back - essentially making the Tune-Up plan $90 now. And so-on and so-on... 

Second-Good choice: Enroll in the plan for $100 after the term of the first year free tune-ups and take care of your bike in a valuable way.

Right now at Cycle Center, tune-ups cost $70  A bike tune-up includes: Both wheels removed from the vehicle; Trued, rounded, bearings adjusted, tires inflated, cleaned. All inner wires exposed, lubricated, cleaned. Major bearings; Steering and Crank, adjusted, secured. Chainrings straightened, trued. Front and rear derailleurs straightened, trued. Frame cleaned. Wheels back on the bike. All brake and shifting adjustments finalized. The finished vehicle gets test ridden for final/final adjustments. Customer notified of finished bike tune-up.

This Tune-Up job is done on every bike getting a Tune-Up. No difference between a pay for Tune-Up and a "Lifetime Tune-Up Plan" Tune-Up. 

Value is the tool to caring - In all ways.

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