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Electric Bike Essentials | Gear UP + GO!

Must-Have E-Bike Accessories

Electric bikes make getting around a breeze — unlock even more freedom with gear designed specifically for e-bikes. From trailers and child seats to e-bike car racks, there’s nothing an e-bike can’t do with the right accessories. Pedal forward into the expanding world of electric bikes, and make every day the kind you’ll want to seize.

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Storage & Transportation

You can depend on the power of an electric bike to carry more gear. If you dread hauling gear, kit out your e-bike with anything from a handlebar basket to a child seat, and enjoy the ride instead.

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Safety & Security

Extra high speeds mean that safety is extra important, from helmets to bright lights for visibility. When you make a pit stop, make sure to secure your precious ride with a quality U-lock for peace of mind.

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E-Bike Upgrades

Add a little luxury to your e-bike setup. Extra batteries are a boon when you’re out and about, and a cycling computer can help you navigate around without needing to ask for directions.

Our Favorite E-Bike Gear

What's Your Vibe?

Not sure where to start with accessories? Pick your riding style and browse our top picks for any style of e-bike riding.

I want more adventures

I want to go faster

I'm just looking to cruise


Spend more time exploring new trails on your electric mountain bike. Quality clothing, MTB-specific shoes, and e-bike car racks will let you crush routes in comfort and style, anywhere you want to ride.


Swift and sleek, meet amplified power. For those that love the wind in their face, we recommend protective eyewear, extra tubes, and sweat-wicking jerseys.


Leisure is the name of the game with the extra power you get on an electric bike. If you prefer your rides on the mellow side, prep your e-bike with gear like baskets, bells, and fenders.

Finance Your Purchase

Deck out your e-bike now and pay later with special financing. Give us a call or stop by the shop to learn more!

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