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Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale is dedicated to making the best bicycles you've ever ridden!

Cannondale has been at the forefront of bicycle innovation and quality for decades, and their bikes have been proven year after year in professional races around the globe. Every ‘Dale, whether made for racing, commuting or cruising, on road or off, has been meticulously designed, tested and built so that you enjoy a great ride, every ride.

When Cannondale started bicycle production in a small facility in Connecticut in 1983, they were the first company to mass produce aluminum road bikes. Yet, they quickly gained a reputation for delivering an exceptional ride, new and cutting-edge technologies, lighter weights and a cool oversize-tube look that was unique for the time.

Since those early days, the company has continued to push the technological envelope. In the knobby-tire realm, Cannondale engineers created their now-famous mono-blade Lefty shock fork that reduces parts, shaves weight and increases stiffness compared to traditional forks. They're famous for a super-smooth ride and laser-sharp cornering.

On the road side Cannondale engineers have kept the tech coming with groundbreaking designs, such as their industry-changing and power-boosting BB30 bottom bracket. And, using advanced craftsmanship and proprietary carbonMeanwhile, their revolutionary full-suspension Overmountain bikes, the Jekyll and Claymore boast changeable geometry and damping so you can adapt your bike to the ever-changing terrain on the fly. Talk about versatility: you can go from short-travel trail-rocket to long-travel descender with a flip of the handlebar-mounted switch.

layups they created the highest stiffness-to-weight-ratio road frame, their SuperSix Evo, which has been powered to wins in all the great races, including the Tour de France, by the Liquigas-Cannondale pro team (photo).

We love riding our Cannondales and know you will too. So we proudly stock a wide selection and enjoy helping you find the best one for all your riding. Check out our range of models and then swing by the shop to see these amazing bicycles in person and experience the Cannondale difference yourself.

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$775.00 $950.00 18% Savings
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Cannondale Treadwell 3
$655.00 - $799.99 $799.99 Up To 18% Savings
Day in, Day out. A bike for any day and anywhere. Fun and light to rip arou...
Cannondale Quick 5
$603.00 $749.99 20% Savings
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Cannondale Adventure 2
Every Day is an Adventure. A bike that will turn every journey, path, an...
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