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Bike Fit & RETÜL Fit

Comfort, Safety And Efficiency Begin With A Bike Fit

Bike Fit - Saddle FitHow well your bicycle fits you determines a lot. It can mean the difference between comfort and pain, fast and slow, safe and unsafe.

Proper fitting starts with selecting the right size bike frame. Most of our bikes are not one-size-fits-all, but rather, come in different frame measurements to help you obtain the best overall bike fit. Frame size is usually measured along the length of the seat tube (the tube which supports a bike’s seat and seatpost). While measurement standards vary a bit between different manufacturers, we can help you determine the ideal range of sizes that would offer you your best match to your body type and riding style.

We now have the Retül Match Tower to help determine "digitally" what size bike you need based on your leg length to the millimeter.  Come in for a free demo or to figure what size bike you take.

What's Your Riding Style?

How does your riding style relate to proper fit? Let’s say you want to cruise the bike paths on a bike that lets you sit upright where you get a good view of the scenery. That calls for a different frame size, type and bike fit approach than, say, a time-trial racer who needs to be positioned for optimum aerodynamics and speed.

Better Bike Parts Can Be Adjusted

Beyond frame size, other components of a bike also contribute greatly to a good fit. Take seats, for instance. What's the best height for your bike seat? How far forward or back of center is your correct seat position? The tilt of the seat is also adjustable. Other factors to know more about include: stem length and height; crankarm length; and, what width and shape of handlebars work best for you.

No Matter Where You Bought Your Bike, Great Fit Starts Here

Body Geometry Bike FitBike Fit Retul Fit

Our fitting staff, John, Rebecca, and Derek combined have over 60 years of "Fit" training and experience.
This team has Bike Fit Certifications in abundance including, "Retül", "Master BG Fitter"
We have done fittings for National Champions, State Champions and Ironman Triathletes and all 3 of us have personal experience in competitive Road, Mountain, Track, and Triathlon.vThis gives us unique insight from a "Fitter" and "Athlete" perspective and giving a higher level of empathy to specific fitting needs.

We offer many levels of "Fittings" dependant on the customer's needs and budget.
A very useful (for safety and comfort and particularly useful on a new bike) floor fit consisting of proper saddle height/setback/tilt. With limited use of tools and materials. Usually $30  (Free for new bike purchases)

A more advanced bike fitting includes the above, in addition, to reach adjustments (stem changes) (bar tilt/lever placement) (cleat adjustments without shims) and limited use of tools and resources. $75

A Retül fit (the ultimate Fitment) will include computer video analysis and full use of tools and resources. Approx 2+ hours of analysis and fitment and including all of the previous fitment resources. $275  Retül details below. 

Fill out a brief Retül fitting questionnaire for a Retül fitting appointment. Or call one of us to set up a consultation and appointment for your own personalized bike fit. There is nearly nothing a proper bike fit will not fix. From back pain to saddle pain to neck and shoulder pain to hip and knee pain to foot pain. And not to mention MORE POWER!!! Ride faster and more comfortable... Get a proper bike fit.

E-Mail us for an initial contact and see if a professional "Bike Fitting" will help you be a better cyclist.


Bike Fitting Services

A Retül bike Fit WILL make riding more enjoyable by reducing discomfort, helping eliminate the chance for injury AND making you more efficient. More Power!! Ride Faster!! Ride Farther!!

Starting with a pre-fit physical assessment, your fitter will take into account your body’s limitations, previous injuries and pains, and your goals on the bike. From there, we turn to our Vantage Motion Capture System to collect real-time, three-dimensional data from your pedal stroke. This data is then compiled into our system so that your fitter can look at your numbers and dial you into your perfect ride position. Retül’s fitting ranges are based on accepted biomechanical measurements that take into account safe working conditions (ie. the upper and lower limits of flexion and extension, among others) and maximize biomechanical efficiency and performance. The goal is to find a neutral position that prevents injury, eliminates pain and increases power output. 

The data is captured in three dimensions, by capturing each side of a rider’s body and comparing in real time. Once data was captured for one side of our body, the same process is carried out on the opposite side to help the fitter identify any imbalances or problems. Then the system can ‘see’ the knee’s lateral movements as well as other similar movements in the torso, hip, ankle and foot. This allows the fitter to have a 360 vision of your position supported by real time data. Thereby making the fitters adjustments to your position and capturing the changes. 

The final step of the process is to input the rider’s final fit to the bike using the Zin tool and optical scanner, which is basically an LED on a stick that allows the fitter to touch all of the critical points on the bike and log the exact positions of the seat, handlebar and various parts of the frame. There are 13 to 15 points of reference in total. This gives the rider a digital file and printout of their fit, should they need to double check position down the road.

Bike Fitting Services
The Retül fitting services are offered by a fully trained, accredited technician with decades of experience. The cost is $275 And will include an original digital recording and reports for position and bike sizing. These documents are yours to compare for future bikes and future fits. A free followup service is offered to ensure complete resolution of riding issues on original bike. Discounts may be offered for a complete Retul fit on another bike.

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