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Bike Fitting

Bike Fit

Our fitting staff, John, Rebecca, and Derek combined have over 60 years of "Fit" training and experience. 
This team has Fit Certifications in abundance including, "Retül", "Master BG Fitter"
We have done fittings for National Champions, State Champions and Ironman Triathletes and all 3 of us have personal experience in competitive Road, Mountain, Track, and Triathlon. Which give us unique insight from a "Fitter" and "Athlete" perspective and giving a higher level of empathy to specific fitting needs.

We offer many levels of "Fittings" dependant on the customer's needs and budget.
A very useful (for safety and comfort and particularly useful on a new bike) floor fit consisting of proper saddle height/setback/tilt. With limited use of tools and materials. Usually $30  (Free for new bike purchases)

A more advanced fitting including the above in addition to reach adjustments (stem changes) (bar tilt/lever placement) (cleat adjustments without shims) and limited use of tools and resources. $75

A Retül fit (the ultimate Fitment) will include computer video analysis and full use of tools and resources. Approx 2+ hours of analysis and fitment and including all of the previous fitment resources. $275  Retül details here.

Fill out a brief Retül fitting questionnaire for a Retül fitting appointment. Or call one of us to set up a consultation and appointment for your own personalized bike fit. There is nearly nothing a proper bike fit will not fix. From back pain to saddle pain to neck and shoulder pain to hip and knee pain to foot pain. And not to mention MORE POWER!!! Ride faster and more comfortable... Get a proper bike fit.

E-Mail us for an initial contact and see if a professional "Bike Fitting" will help you be a better cyclist.

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